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Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Complaints & Alternative

Published On 12 Mar 2021

George Samuel Written by George Samuel

Life doesn’t end with hearing loss. By investing in excellent hearing aids, you can hear nearly as well as you did before. Which begs the question: who sells those “excellent” hearing aids?

Eargo with their hearing aids could be the answer, but do their models really live up to the 4-figure price tags they put on them? This is what we’ll help you answer in this article.

For we as proud producers of hearing aids at WonderEar know that price-wise Eargo and WonderEar models live on opposite ends of the spectrum.

So we’ll explore how much bang Eargo and WonderEar hearing aids get you for the money - to help you decide what features you need and how much you’re ready to pay for them.

Without further ado, let’s take a detailed look at 3 Eargo and 2 WonderEar hearing aids and their strengths and weaknesses.

Top Eargo and WonderEar Hearing Aids Compared

Bottom Line



Eargo Max

Bottom Line

Being one of Eargo’s lower-priced products, the Eargo Max still come with a considerable price tag of around $1850 per pair. They offer sophisticated sound quality and amplification features but also suffer from the common problems of completely in the canal hearing aids.


Equipped with advanced noise reduction, the Eargo Max will help you hear well in noisy environments. Amplify sound according to 4 volume settings that you can change according to different situations in your day.


Flexi fibers that form the bridge between the Eargo Max and your ear canal aren’t Eargo’s most comfortable option - those (the “flexi palms” are built into the Eargo Neo). The Eargo Max need frequent cleaning to prevent earwax from clogging its charging points.

Eargo Neo

Bottom Line

If you want superior sound features and a comfortable feel for your hearing aids, the Eargo Neo probably won’t disappoint. Their price tag is significant though.


Deliver superior noise reduction, more stable gain, and improved feedback cancellation compared to the Max. With a smoother finish than the Eargo Max, cleaning the Neo is simple and the likelihood of earwax getting in the way of battery contacts is slim to none. Featuring “flexi palms” that stabilize the Eargo Neo in your ear and make them comfortable to wear.


Even the flexi palms don’t seal your canal airtight so that sounds can still creep into your ear without amplification. Retail for around $2350 a pair.

Eargo Neo Hifi

Bottom Line

We’re certain that the Eargo Neo Hifi won’t disappoint you in terms of their superior sound and amplification features as well as comfort while wearing. They retail at around $2950 though and this, we think, isn’t a price for everybody even when it comes to something as critical as one’s hearing.


As the most advanced Eargo hearing aids, the Neo Hifi provide an excellent surround sound listening experience that even the pickiest audiophile will find impressive. Come with state-of-the-art feedback cancellation coupled with noise reduction technology.


No complaints about the features here but we think it’s not everybody who can afford to pay around $2950 per hearing aid pair.

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Best Value


Bottom Line

As WonderEar’s most advanced digital hearing aid, the fully rechargeable WonderWave features enhanced background noise reduction and utilizes cutting-edge technology to help even the most severe cases of hearing loss.


Features rechargeable batteries and a portable charger, so you’ll never run out of battery. Comes in a compact design for comfort and low visibility with 4 environment settings and a very competitive price for the twin microphones it has on board. Equipped with a tinnitus masking feature that reduces the irritation of ringing in your ear.


No Bluetooth compatibility and not good for those with severe hearing loss. Charging case flashes when you plug it in, but doesn't indicate when it's charging.

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Bottom Line

The WonderMax is a versatile hearing aid that will fit many kinds of hearing losses and tastes for sound quality. It also is WonderEar’s second most affordable pair of hearing aids and will probably fit almost anyone’s bill.


Features simple, intuitive controls for the essential settings and have an almost invisible completely-in-the-canal fit. Come with enhanced background noise reduction, so you can hear even in noisy environments. Offer multiple settings for different sound environments.


Completely-in-the-canal design may be difficult to insert the first few times. No adaptive technology to adjust settings based on surroundings.

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Eargo Hearing Aids Reviews: Pricing and Models

The three Eargo models that we’ll discuss - Max, Neo and Neo HiFi - are so-called “completely in the canal” (CIC) hearing aids because they are worn completely inside the ear and therefore largely invisible to other people.

When looking at WonderEar later on, we’ll also talk about “behind the ear” (BTE) hearing aids which have a different set of advantages and disadvantages as compared to CIC models.

Also, each Eargo model comes with rechargeable batteries plus portable charging cases. Each battery can last up to 16 hours and each Eargo hearing aid model comes with a fast charging functionality that grants you up to 3 hours of use after charging the hearing aid for 30 minutes. And now let’s look at the individual features of 3 Eargo models in turn:

1. Eargo Max

  • As the entry-level model, the Eargo Max come with advanced noise reduction and sound quality for increased volume and gain. They also amplify speech while reducing as much background noise as possible, making it more comfortable and easier to hear in noisy environments.
  • The Eargo Max have fairly rough angles, which can lead to the battery’s charging points clogging up with earwax. Therefore, thorough, careful and frequent cleaning is essential in keeping the battery connection points fully functional.
  • The Eargo Max feature so-called “flexi fibers” to seal the remainder of your hearing canal as much as possible and prevent sounds from entering your ear without being amplified. However, to some people these fibers are not comfortable enough - in that case the “flexi palms” found in the Eargo Neo hearing aids could be the right choice.
  • Finally, the Eargo Max offer four sets of volume settings that alter the sound intensity.
  • The retail price of the Eargo Max is at around $1850 per pair.

2. Eargo Neo

  • As an upgrade of the Max, the Eargo Neo deliver superior noise reduction, more stable gain, and improved feedback cancellation. Like the Max, they also come with four unique sound profiles that simply amplify the volume to four different levels.
  • With a smoother finish compared to the Eargo Max, cleaning the Neo is a walk in the park, and the likelihood of earwax getting in the way of battery contacts is slim to none.
  • The Neo also feature “flexi palms” made from silicon that stabilize the hearing aids in your ear and make wearing them more comfortable than with the flexi fibers of the Eargo Max.
  • However, even the flexi palms don’t seal your canal airtight so that sounds can still creep into your ear without amplification.
  • A pair of Eargo Neo retail for around $2350.

3. Eargo Neo HiFi

  • The Neo HiFi take the cake as the most advanced hearing aids as they provide an excellent surround sound listening experience that even the pickiest audiophile will find impressive.
  • Furthermore, the Eargo Neo HiFi come with state-of-the-art feedback cancellation coupled with noise reduction technology.
  • In addition to stable gain, the Neo HiFi feature the same smooth finish found in the Neo models which not only makes it easier to clean the hearing aids but also curbs the buildup of earwax from impacting the rechargeable battery contacts.
  • The Neo HiFi - just like the Neo - use the more comfortable flexi palms.
  • The Eargo Neo HiFi cost a whopping $2950 per pair.

Eargo Customer Reviews

Features are a solid base to understand a product's quality, but we wanted to know how real users feel about their Eargo hearing aids – so here are statements from 2 Eargo customers, one satisfied and one dissatisfied with their Eargo models.

What made these 2 reviews a useful choice out of the hundreds of available ones is that they reiterate some of the most common complaints and praises we’ve heard about the Eargo hearing aids. So…

Positive Eargo Review

“As a 69 year old male with moderate to mild hearing loss that includes tinnitus, I’ve worn hearing aids for nearly 8 years, including overpriced ones that an audiologist prescribed. While they served their purpose in work meetings, I put them to rest and replaced them with more affordable amplifiers. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. These proved unsatisfactory, with the main reason being that they were uncomfortable to wear and the issues I faced when adjusting my speaking volume when I had them on. I decided to give Eargo a try due to the positive reviews and available trial period and needless to say, I couldn’t be more satisfied. The ‘in the canal’ aids are not only more comfortable but the open fit also considerably lowers the speaking volume issue. After a few weeks of wearing the Eargo hearing aids I’m no longer aware of them. Moreover, understanding what people are saying in person and on TV is much easier. I can also hear tree frogs in my backyard that I wouldn’t have known existed.”

Negative Eargo Review

“The Eargo Neo produces a very tin like sound, which is a crucial buying factor to consider. Being my first encounter with hearing aids, I quickly noticed that conversations were easily drowned out by even the slightest background noise. It was as though the background was constantly more amplified than people’s voices. Furthermore, there was the squealing noise that was not only intense but also quite painful. Unfortunately, I couldn't get these hearing aids out of my ears fast enough. I strongly believe they further damaged my hearing abilities.”

Eargo Alternatives

We hope you’ll have seen that Eargo hearing aids are top of the line in terms of quality but also in terms of price. And we at WonderEar specialize in providing hearing aids for people who want to hear well irrespective of their degree of hearing loss – and at an affordable price. Therefore, we’ll now take a look at 2 of our own affordable hearing aids. But before, let’s talk about one foundational difference between the Eargo and WonderEar hearing aids:

Completely in the canal (CIC) vs behind the ear (BTE)

As mentioned briefly, all Eargo models are CIC and the 2 WonderEar models that we’ll look at now are BTE hearing aids. That means:

  • Since BTE hearing aids do not come into contact with earwax, they usually need to be repaired less often than CIC models.
  • BTE hearing aids are usually larger than CIC models. That makes them a little bit more visible but also much easier to change volume or their position in / on the ear – and this can become a bigger and bigger advantage the older you get and the less precise your nuanced motor abilities get.
  • BTE models accept slightly larger batteries that in turn can last longer than those in CIC hearing aids.
  • Because the technological components in BTE hearing aids are further apart than in CIC models, feedback frequencies tend to occur less often and less strongly.
  • BTE models are relatively easy to clean and handle – even if you’re a first-time user.

1. WonderWave

The WonderWave models are WonderEar’s top-of-the-line hearing aids, but still a lot cheaper than the Eargo models. In particular, the WonderWave feature:

  • Digital Sound Processing: this feature converts sound waves to digital signals which in turn produce a crispier sound than hearing aids with analog sound processing technology. With the WonderWave you’ll benefit from this.
  • Smart Noise Reduction: which means that two directional microphones work together to distinguish the sounds you want to hear from the ones you don’t. As such, with the WonderWave, you’ll hear clearly and comfortably, even in noisy environments like restaurants and social gatherings.
  • Smart Feedback Cancellation: this feature picks up on and blocks out feedback frequencies before they interfere with your hearing. And better than feedback cancellation in the WonderTec hearing aids, the WonderWave feature smart feedback cancellation that will completely eliminate feedback and or squealing noises. Thus, hugging a loved one or putting on a hat won’t be a problem when using the WonderWave hearing aids.
  • Rechargeable: the WonderWave come with a magnetic charger that will keep your hearing aids powered up for a full day.
  • Dual Directional Microphones: this feature enables the WonderWave to “listen” to sounds from different directions and significantly reduce background noise.
  • 4 Sound Environment Settings: these allow you to communicate confidently in all kinds of situations. No matter if your days are quiet or noise or both in turn – the WonderWave will help you hear accurately and well.
  • Button Adjusted Volume: other than most hearing aid models on the market, you’ll control the volume in the WonderWave through a button, not a dial – which is especially helpful for people with a tremor or Parkinson.
  • Tinnitus Masker: the WonderWave have this special feature for people suffering from tinnitus – the noises of which will be covered up by nuanced sounds emitted by the WonderWave.
  • Adaptive: the WonderWave automatically adjust based on your surroundings so you can conveniently switch between quiet and noisy places without fiddling with switches or buttons.
  • Telecoil Loop: A telecoil loop is a small copper wire in WonderWave that helps you hear more clearly in certain areas such as churches or meeting rooms by automatically amplifying some of the sounds it receives.
These are WonderWave rechargeable hearing aids
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2. WonderMax

WonderEar’s WonderMax is a CIC hearing aid with a nearly invisible design that still provides excellent sound amplification. In particular the WonderMax models feature:

  • Digital Sound Processing: better than analog sound processing that’s used by other hearing aid models, digital sound processing converts sound waves to digital signals and thus produces a clearer and crispier sound than the analog option. With the WonderMax you’ll benefit from this.
  • Improved Noise Reduction: this feature determines if a signal has unwanted background noise and lowers its influence on the sound reaching your ears. In short, through this feature the WonderMax help you hear well even in noisy environments.
  • Feedback Cancellation which identifies and eliminates any feedback frequencies before they reach your ear. These feedback frequencies most often arise when performing an action that produces sounds close to your ears - such as hugging a loved one or putting on a hat. Both won’t be a problem when using the WonderMax hearing aids.
  • Sound Environment Settings: these allow you to communicate confidently in quiet, social, and noisy situations. So no matter your daily routines, the WonderMax will have your back.
  • Adjusted Volume Button: with the WonderMax, you’ll control the volume in your hearing aids via a button – which is easy and straightforward, even for users of advanced age or users with Parkinson’s Syndrome.
  • Not rechargeable: This may sound like a negative thing, but whether it is or isn’t depends on your preferred way of operating hearing aids. Some people just love the peace of mind that comes from being able to carry batteries with them and resting assured that your hearing aids will work wherever you go without a power outlet in sight.
WonderMax CIC hearing aids
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Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: The Bottom Line

If you’re unconcerned about the price of your hearing aids and if you’re happy with using completely in the canal models, the high-end models by Eargo will be among the best hearing aids you can purchase on the market.

And in case, you’d rather pay a little less and still hear well – and if you like the advantages of behind the ear hearing aids, our 2 WonderEar models we’ve looked at can be a solid alternative.

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