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Nano Hearing Aids: Our Take on Reviews & Complaints

Published On 29 Apr 2021

George Samuel Written by George Samuel

In this Nano Hearing Aids review we’ll look at the various products by Nano Hearing Aids and compare them with our WonderEar products.

We’ll also look at the complaints we found on the web for Nano Hearing Aids, and some of the suspicious activity surrounding their company and claims.

But first, let’s look at a quick comparison between some of the most popular hearing aids by Nano and WonderEar and look at each individual product in the section after.

Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aids by Nano

Being able to recharge their hearing aids is an important point for many of our customers, so we’ll review 2 devices by Nano that come with this feature first.

Also, those 2 devices are “behind-the-ear” (BTE) hearing aids, which means they are somewhat clearly visible while you’re wearing them.

Please note that the Nano X2 Recharge is, as the name implies, rechargeable as well, but will be reviewed in the following section “Nano CIC Hearing Aid Reviews”.

The Nano RX 2000

Nano Hearing Aids most affordable option with minimal features and options. Recharges and fits nicely behind the ear, helping with mild cases of hearing loss.


  • The RX2000 is rechargeable.
  • Features noise reduction technology.
  • Comes with 2 sound environments to choose from.


  • The RX2000 lacks features like feedback cancellation, directional microphone, and adaptive technology which appear in their more expensive product, the XR2, and also in WonderEar’s more affordable model WonderWave.
  • You get a charging cable instead of a case.

This is one of Nano Hearing Aids entry-level devices. This unit goes behind the ear and features noise-reduction tech that prevents background noise being picked up.

Like the Nano X2 Recharge, this device works for up to 16hrs on a single charge. Instead of a charging case, this device comes with a USB charging cable.

Nano Digital RX 2000

The Nano Digital RX2000 is Nano Hearing Aids features more powerful features than the standard Nano RX2000. The price point is higher than the standard Nano RX2000, but the newer model promises higher quality features.


  • The Nano Digital RX 2000 has two modes for different sound environments.
  • Extremely easy to use and install, and comes with rechargeable technology to save on battery costs.
  • The device is nearly invisible and fits discreetly, even if you have glasses.
  • The background noise-cancelling technology effectively blocks out unneeded sound, so the user can enjoy clear listening.


  • Higher price point with very similar sounding features, so it may not be worth the extra cost.
  • You only receive a charging cable instead of a charging case.

Nano CIC Hearing Aid Reviews

Nano Hearing Aids’ “completely-in-canal” devices sit inside the ear instead of behind which means they are invisible at best and not as visible at worst compared to behind-the-ear models such as the Nano RX2000 that we spoke about a minute ago.

Yet, the discrete size of CIC hearing aids comes with its drawbacks: the battery is hard to replace and has a small battery life because of its size. Also, you need to use a screwdriver to adjust the volume.

At WonderEar we have multiple CIC devices including the WonderOne and WonderMax. We will give more details about these items shortly. First, let’s look at Nano’s major CIC hearing aid: the Nano X2 Recharge.

The Nano X2 Recharge

Nano Hearings Aid’s highest value device with all the best features. Rechargeable with charging case, 4 sound environments and feedback cancellation, make this device Nano’s best for severe cases of hearing loss.


  • The X2 Recharge is a rechargeable hearing aid with a portable charging case that’s perfect for charging on the go.
  • It has feedback cancellation, directional microphones and 4 sound environments for easy listening anywhere.
  • The X2 Recharge comes with four earbuds, large volume buttons, and automatic noise reduction technology.
  • The battery takes 3 hours to charge and there’s an audible “low battery” warning to remind users to recharge.


  • The price point is high compared to the X2 Recharge’s features when compared with both WonderMax and WonderWave.
  • There have been customer complaints that it’s too big.

Nano Hearing Aid Prices

How much are Nano Hearing Aids prices, and how do they compare to WonderEar products?

  • Nano X2 Recharge: $797.00
  • Nano RX2000: $397.00
  • Nano Digital RX2000: $597.00
  • WonderMax: $399.00
  • WonderWave: $499.00

As you can see, WonderEar products are more affordable and generally have more features.

How Trustworthy is Nano Hearing Aids?

Look, we at WonderEar sell hearing aids ourselves, so we clearly have an opinion on whether you should come to us or Nano in order to improve your hearing.

But that doesn’t mean we need to argue – as we will do – that Nano hearing aid seems not to be the most trustworthy supplier of hearing aids out there. We do realize this is a big claim, and we don’t want to be disrespectful to all the people working at Nano Hearing Aids.

At the same time, though, we want to serve you in the best way possible and thus felt it necessary to share our opinion and the reasons for it with you

Customer Support

The first area on which we found reports about Nano Hearing Aids’ suboptimal performance is customer support.

As you will see exemplified in some of the customer complaints we’ll list below, there are cases in which Nano Hearing Aids’ support team has left customers on hold or disconnected calls completely when they were trying to find help with or refund a Nano hearing aid.

Dubious Marketing Tactics

The second area that we found concerning with respect to Nano Hearing Aids’ reputation are their marketing tactics.

First, it seems that Nano isn’t entirely transparent when it comes to reviews on their own website. Over there, they have thousands of 3, 4 and 5 stars with only a handful of 1-star showing. This seems suspicious since there are so many complaints online, and many negative 1-star reviews on Trustpilot and Amazon.

Second, Audiologist Dr. Olson has said on YouTube that Nano Hearings Aid’s products are eerily similar to much cheaper ones on the Chinese wholesale platform Alibaba. He tested the products and found the quality to be very similar, and not up to par with medical hearing aids.

Nano Hearing Aid Complaints

Again, we’re aware that we’ve said negative things about Nano by now, and we don’t want to leave those statements hanging in the air without at least some evidence.

Therefore, we’ve excerpted and reprinted some customer reviews of Nano Hearing Aids from Amazon and Better Business Bureau that form the basis of our conclusions.

Over 1000 customer complaints against Nano have been filed in the past 3 years with the Better Business Bureau – ranging from product quality to lack of customer support and refund issues.

One of these customers gave the company a 1-star review and stated:

“On the second day of use one of the Nano hearing aids would not turn on. I have not been able to talk to anyone by phone. I have listened to music for up to 45 minutes with no answer. I would like to return these aids and have my $397 back”.

Another review of Nano Hearing Aids stated:

“This company has a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the hearing aids within 45 days. This is a lie. This is a fraudulent company. I purchased the hearing aids for my mom in mid-November 2020. She was unable to use them as her ears were not shaped normally and needed custom-made ones. They were never used. Spoke with the company about this. After much debate with them, they finally authorized the return and sent a link to purchase a return label. $10 for the label. Packaged everything as instructed. Confirmation of receipt was sent to my email. Then the mess began. I kept getting a phone call that they only received the batteries and from me to mail the hearing aids. I finally spoke with the warehouse who said they did receive the hearing aids and needed 3-4 weeks to inspect them and send my refund once inspected. Waited 4 weeks and just contacted them today about my refund. I was being told again all they received was the batteries. Today I contacted my credit card company to deal with them and get reimbursed. [...]”

Above we’ve also stated that the very small number of 1-star reviews on Nano’s own website stands in conspicuous contrast to the significant portion of people who give Nano products a 1-star review on third-party sites such as Amazon.

For the Nano RX2000, for example, 40% of the reviews on Amazon are 1-star reviews, such as these:

1 out of 5 stars: “Horrible Rip-Off”

“[...] The box looks nice, but hearing aids didn’t work right after hours of trying and enduring that horrible high-pitched squealing that probably made my already bad hearing worse. The customer service was extremely rude to my Dad when he called to ask a question. After waiting over 40 minutes, they said “read the manual”; if our question was in the manual, we wouldn’t have called and waited so long. [...].”

1 out of 5 stars: “Do not get involved with this company”

“We purchased the Nano hearing aids to try them out and were told that it was a free 45-day trial. When we received them and tried them out, they sounded very “tinny” and could not properly control the volume. Returned them after 21 days and were told that we had to pay $9.99 to ship them back. Paid the shipping fee and then had to constantly call and email them to try and get the refund. Had to have our bank get involved to get the refund pushed along. When they gave us the refund weeks later, they deducted $20 for the batteries that we returned to them!! Read all other reviews before dealing with this company. Check out the BBB because they give them a C rating!! [...]”

1 out of 5 stars: “Hearing Aid defects Don’t buy”

“I bought the Nano hearing aids for my mother and had multiple issues. They exchanged it for the upgrade and that was literally garbage. I would not recommend this hearing aid. Spend the money for real one or something else. Poor customer service managers never call back to help with the issue. Called twice reps said they would call me and still waiting since Oct. Reminder 45 days money guaranteed that is a joke.”

Again, this is obviously a selection of only a handful of reviews out of hundreds of others we could have reprinted here. So please don’t take our word for it – read some yourself and get a feeling of your own for Nano’s reputation.

Again, we do not mean to disrespect Nano Hearing Aids in any way, but at the end of the day our allegiance lies with those who seek to improve their hearing through hearing aids.

WonderEar as an Alternative

So is there an alternative to Nano Hearing Aids? Glad you asked!

We at WonderEar work with audiologists and sound engineers alongside our team of doctors to bring you the best fully FDA approved hearing devices.

Here are some features we include with WonderEar products:

  • Button adjusted volume: The volume uses an easy-to-use button to raise or lower volume.
  • Analog sound processing: Amplifies all sound in a continuous smooth manner.
  • Digital sound processes: Converts sound waves to digital signals then processed for clarity.
  • Noise reduction: Three levels of noise reduction to block out background noises.
  • Feedback cancellation: Eliminates whistling and feedback from affecting your device.
  • Sound environment settings: Change settings from quiet, social or noisy environments.
  • Dual directional mic: Clearer conversations and less background noise.
  • Rechargeable: Easy-to-use magnetic charger for a full day of power.


WonderEar’s most affordable option is great for low or mild cases of hearing loss. It’s compact, lightweight, and fit’s your ear as well as your budget


  • A smart, digital hearing aid that fits completely-in-the-canal
  • Comes with enhanced background noise reduction that lowers high pitch noises and ambient noise, allowing conversation and TV to be clearer.
  • Features 3 sound environments, so you can hear in any setting.
  • Uses a button to control the volume. This makes it easier for older people, or people suffering from Parkinson’s or tremors.
  • It uses digital sound processing and smart noise reduction for high quality listening.


  • The WonderMax’s completely-in-canal design may take some time to get comfortable with since it has to fit perfectly inside your ear.
  • There’s no adaptive technology to adjust based on your surroundings.
WonderMax digital hearing aids
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This is WonderEar’s most advanced smart, digital hearing aid. It’s fully rechargeable, uses enhanced background noise reduction, and can help the most persistent cases of hearing loss.


  • WonderEar’s best value hearing aid featuring 4 sound environments.
  • Uses smart noise reduction to get crisp coherent sounds.
  • Come with feedback cancellation to block high-pitched sounds before they reach your ear.
  • Fully rechargeable with a sleek compact design.
  • Equipped with directional microphones for clear conversation.


  • There’s no Bluetooth with this device.
  • Not perfect for those with severe hearing loss.
  • Charging case doesn’t indicate when charging, but does flash when you plug it in.
WonderWave Rechargeable Hearing Aids
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In Short: Are Nano Hearing Aids Any Good?

According to our research, quite a number of customers of Nano Hearing Aids have been dissatisfied with their hearing aids, partly due to product quality, but also due to a customer support that does not call back or stand by Nano’s money-back guarantee.

And we’ve also argued that some of Nano Hearing Aids’ marketing claims can be seen as dubious or even misleading (lack of bad reviews on their website vs. lots of those on Amazon and Better Business Bureau).

This doesn’t exclude the possibility of Nano Hearing Aids’ devices working well for you, but the question for an alternative arose, and we argued – to little surprise – that WonderEar hearing aids could be that alternative. So...

In Short: Why WonderEar?

Designed by audiologists, ENT doctors, hearing aid specialists and sound engineers, we ship directly from the United States, and have a 45-day money-back guarantee to make sure our customers stay satisfied.

Our products come with lifetime support and our hearing aids are generally more affordable than Nano Hearing Aids.

Therefore, we believe that WonderEar hearing aids will be a great choice for people dealing with hearing loss.

Did you know that you can try any of our hearing aids, risk-free, for 45 days?
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