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Thank you Wonder X. I absolutely love my new hearing sides. I can finally hear conversations that before I was isolated from. I don't have to keep fumbling with the volume..its now crystal clear and I'm not yelling at friends because the volume is so loud! Also, I was happy with the quick delivery time of 3 days! Thank you Wonder Ear for making such a great product!

Great price and good quality

The product is really good. This item is good to be true for its price, I can say this is really a budget friendly

Good packaging

Love my WonderWaves, my hearing aids arrived in 4 days. Recharging is very simple and overall I love my new hearing aids. Best investment I’ve made in a very long time.

Good hearing aids

Excellent quality! Very handy and easy to use.

Good Quality

I have received my wonderwave the design is spectacular. Quality is awesome, no need to charge all the time.

Wow! Works just as advertised

For two years I have struggled with my $4000 hearing aid. No amount of adjustment by the company gave results that satisfied. Ordered the WonderEars. Out of the box with minor adjustments they work better than my $4000 pair ever did. Only been a week, but so far they are great.

I am very happy to buy this hearing aid. A+

Everything is as described. Easy to assemble, fits good & works pretty good. I can hear just great when I use it. The price is great! The product is great. I wish it came with more batteries.

Totally satisfied

I do not know how a device could be any better. I was unwilling to pay the high of the ones normally offered because I know people who have them and do not use them because they say the sound they hear is not natural. This unit has a great sound quality and there are "settings" to adjust for loud areas and other situations.

These are amazing!

I purchased several low priced hearing aids and returned them all. When I received the WonderEars, I was very surprised. They are almost invisible in the ears. The sound is so clear and you can go outside even on a windy day with little or no background noise. GIVE these a try.

WonderPro™ Digital Invisible Hearing Aids
Mary S.


Well worth the price

After visiting the audiologist and a 3 day test with $5000 pair. I did research and found WonderEar. Bought the set with the batteries and very pleased, I just wish it came with more batteries.

WonderPro™ Digital Invisible Hearing Aids
Charles L.
Worth 10 times its cost

I have had severe hearing loss in my left ear for many years, I did have a hearing aid that I received through a hearing professional many years ago. This was a $3000.00 investment, after a couple of years it was lost, I went a year with no hearing because of cost.
When I saw the WonderPro online, I thought I would give it a try . Based on my first month the quality of the WonderPro is as good as the professional subscribed hearing aid with out the cost. As a matter of fact I believe it is better that the other, since I can make immediate changes.
100% happy with this hearing aid and have recommend to many of my friends.

I am so happy, I can't believe they work so well

I am very happy with my purchase of these hearing aids, they are easy to use and took only about 10 days for my brain to readjust. I am sub school teacher and my hearing was becoming a problem. I find the company customer friendly and understanding. The price is lower then other aids but the quality is great. thank you WonderEar

WonderPro™ Digital Invisible Hearing Aids
Lizy N.
Discreet, comfortable, and most importantly - they work well

I purchased a pair of the WonderPro hearing aids these are very comfortable and discreet it’s great to not have to continually ask others to repeat what they said. Prior to this purchase the most common word used when talking with my wife was “what” she appreciates that now I can hear what she says even if she is not looking at me when she talks. These are reasonably priced and work very well

WonderPro™ Digital Invisible Hearing Aids
Barbara L.
Never wore a hearing aid before

I was very fortunate to have a long term friend who has been wearing very expensive hearing aids:$5,000.00 and had to see a third party for new fittings which became even more expensive. He said he was going to purchase WonderPro model and if they met his needs he would call me after use for several weeks, knowing I needed hearing aids as well. Based on his use I purchased them, any questions I had when they arrived my friend guided me through along with the written instructions. I am more pleased than I could ever imagine. While it is about a month of use and so far so good.

Better than expected

I was concerned about spending the money for this product without any hearing test and pressure to buy aids. We ordered it on good faith and a fair return policy and we are very pleased with them.

Amazing sound quality for such a low price - Im shocked!

Im so happy to leave a review for the WonderOne! It's is different than anything Ive tried - and Ive tried $2,000-$5,000 hearing aids from Costco, Miracle Ear, and other big companies. And guess what? I prefer these hearing aids to any of the traditional expensive hearing aids Ive tried! They are simple, easy to use out of the box. Anyone can work it -- even if youre not tech savvy. Just put the batteries in and turn it on, and adjust the volume if need be. The benefits far outway the cost by 100 to 1. In fact, it isnt a cost, its an investment into your hearing and your health.

Wow! I can't believe it! Almost invisible!

Great, I can hear again from my right ear. My son has been telling me how loud people in the grocery store are. Did not believe it until this past weekend when we shopped. He was right, I had to turn down the volume. I never wore a hearing aid before. I no longer say please repeat that....Oh, and they are so small and snug, no-one will notice them unless you point it out.

I am very pleased. Thank you.

Awesome product!!

Awesome product!! Works better than I imagined, you wont be disappointed. Thank You!!

I am so very impressed with this device. No whistling at all, very powerful for such a small device! I have had to turn volume down its so powerful and its very lightweight too. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a hearing loss, it sure beats the cost of expensive hearing aids!

Sleek design

Well packaged. No issues on both hardware and packaging. I love the sleek finish too!

Great surprise!!

I was sceptic at first, but since I purchased the X, I am greatly pleased. Fit and hearing quality is wonderful. Customer service people very helpful, they take the time needed to help you with any concerns and placing your order.

Exactly as described

Exactly like the image. Great sound quality, comfortable and sleek. I got mine within 5 days of ordering. They work great, what a pleasant surprise!! Also, I would like to thank Janny, the customer service representative that was very helpful over the phone and in emails

Best purchase I have ever made

I am a photographer and this product helped me get my job back. The last few years were very hard since I started to have trouble communicating with my clients. At one point I just stopped because I don't have $5000 laying around to get a hearing aid. I found about wonderear online and decided to get the X2 and I must say it's the best purchase in my life.


My husband and I love our WonderOne hearing aids. Lea and Kay, White City, OR

I can now carry on conversations

I have been surprised at the performance of these hearing aids. I have a hearing loss of 50/65 percent. Have also been able to reduce the volume on the TV significantly. I can now carry on conversations without asking people to constantly repeat themselves. Their customer service has been excellent to work with when I requested to try different sizes and styles of ear domes. For the performance and value of this product, I would recommend you try these.

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