One of the USA’s Most Exciting Hearing Aid Companies

We’re proud to say that WonderEar is one of the fastest-growing hearing aid companies based in the US. Every single one of our devices is registered with the FDA and has been 100% designed & engineered in-house by our experienced specialists.

Our Promise

  • World-Class Hearing Aids

    As well as being fully approved by the FDA, all WonderEar devices were created in-house by our experienced team of doctors, sound engineers, and audiologists.

    We spare no expense in creating hearing aids of the highest quality for our customers, because elite-quality hearing aids are exactly what they deserve.

  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    You can try out any of our devices, and if at any time within 45 days from purchase you’re not happy with it, just send it back for a full refund. No fine print. No hidden clauses.

  • Lifetime Support from Dedicated Specialists

    With both phone-based and online support options, we’re here to help, whether you’ve had your hearing aid for a while or whether you need help choosing the perfect device for you.

  • The Most Cost-Effective Hearing Aids in the United States

    Customers all over the US have been paying more than they need to for hearing aids. WonderEar is different: by manufacturing our own devices in-house we can cut out the middleman, which ends up with massive savings for every customer we serve.

Medical-Grade Devices that Won’t Break the Bank

Because of the huge gap between manufacture and retail, customers all over the United States were paying far more than they needed to. By producing all our own devices, we don’t need to rely on other manufacturers, so we can able to provide sufferers of hearing loss all over America with medical-grade hearing aids at a fraction of the price.


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    Manufactured in the USA

More than 20,000 Americans Hear Better with WonderEar Devices

With thousands upon thousands of happy customers, we’re proud to be America’s choice when it comes to cost-effective, medical-grade hearing aids. Check out our extensive range of devices below; no matter how mild or severe your hearing loss is, there’s bound to be a WonderEar hearing aid that’s perfect for your situation.
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